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Summer dramas mid-season impressions

- Rich Man, Poor Woman (ep 1 ~ 5)
I love the first episode instantly from the first 15 minutes. Oguri Shun's character is very interesting. He's charismatic, intelligent, a high-flyer, and yet he has prosopagnosia (the problem of remembering faces). Ishihara Satomi's character, on the other hand, is a fresh grad from a prestigious university but has failed at job-hunting at dozens of times. They meet in an unusual way and Chihiro is whisked away into his world to help with a business deal with a government official.
The subsequent episodes didn't turn out to be as intriguing as the first but there's plenty of hinted romances and love-triangles that can keep fanshippers craving for the next episode, I guess. (I'm not one of them though.) 
Miwa's Hikari E is the best drama theme song of the season, period.

- Summer Rescue ~Tenkuu no Shinryosho~ (ep 1 ~ 5)
The first episode is written in the recount format where it starts off with the climax of the episode and then it moves from an earlier time to show how things built up to the climax and then the resolution thereafter. This drama is unique in that it focuses on medical treatment in the mountains. There are plenty of medical dramas around but I've not seen one which is like this.
However, the subsequent episodes follow a very similar pattern.
(1) Some random person gets injured on the mountains.
(2) Difficulties occur.
(3) Some people become emo.
(4) The episode ends safely.
The biggest problem with this drama is that it tries to drag out parts which aren't that interesting and tries to make it seem exciting by playing some BGM which conveys fear and anxiety. I would have dropped this if not for Mukai Osamu.

- Beginners! (ep 1 ~ 5)
Too bad Thursday 9 pm dramas on TBS are always doomed to mediocre ratings. I actually enjoyed the first episode as it's funny, light-hearted and had its dramatic moments at the same time. Also, I ship Fujigaya with Gouriki Ayame so badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fujigaya's acting is quite natural while Kitayama's doing an okay job so far even though it's his first time in a drama. :)
Plotwise, it's not particularly exciting. I'm mainly enjoying this drama for the youth.

- Sprout (ep 1~2)
I read the first four chapters of the manga in preparation for the drama and I find the manga average. But then I watched the drama and found it to be much worse. There are so many things that are so, so wrong.
1) It's very different from the manga. They shouldn't name the drama "Sprout" and give people the wrong impression that it's based on the manga. That's the extent of how different it is.
2) Besides the Johnny's boys, I don't recognise a single cast member in the drama at all. It's filled with C or D-grade actresses. Their acting doesn't appeal to me either.
Dropped after the second episode because I can't stand dramas which focus on wishy-washy teenage romances as the main plot. Too draggy. I'll rather have that as the sub-plot, thank you very much.


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Aug. 31st, 2012 01:52 pm (UTC)
Sometimes I also ask myself, "Why am I still watching Sprout?" UGH. But then if not for the uber-soothing videography and wonderful music I have had also dropped it right on the spot :)))))) But yeah, I have to agree with your opinion so much. :D Draggy pace, cheesy teensy stuff...UGH. :|
Aug. 31st, 2012 02:42 pm (UTC)
Yup, the background music is one good thing about the show but it's not enough to make me continue to watch it lol.
Aug. 31st, 2012 10:23 pm (UTC)
Good for you. At least you didn't have to suffer haha. :)
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