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Spring dramas so far

- Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou (ep 1 ~ 4)
Takaki-sama and my favourite Johnny's Jrs are in this so obviously I watched this only for them. I like the first three episodes, but the appearance of a possible love triangle in the fourth episode dampened my enthusiasm for this show. My favourite scene so far is the unique fighting scene in episode 2 which was shot continuously with one camera, in one take.

- Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri (ep 1 ~ 4)
Aiba + cute cat = death by cuteness. I'm trying hard not to flail while watching this show. The cat is too cute. Anyway, I picked up this drama because the story sounded like it would be interesting and I really found it interesting. It's rather different from typical detective dramas in that the male lead here is rather useless, yet he still manages to solve the case somehow. I'm hoping for some character development and I wonder whether he'll ever overcome his fear of heights, blood and women.

- Kagi no Kakatta Heya (ep 1 ~ 4)
Leader + obsession with locks = very cool. I wonder if he's thinking about fishing when he looked genuinely interested in the locks in the drama. This show follows the episodic format with each episode focusing on one mystery. The different cases are rather interesting in that it combines law and the concept of a locked room mystery, but what caught my attention wasn't that but the chemistry between the three main characters. I think I ship Ohno and Erika's characters now and I hope to know more about Enomoto.

- 37 sai de isha ni natta boku ~Kenshui Junjo Monogatari~ (ep 1 ~ 4)
Watched 4 episodes so far. It's a nice change from the detective/ mystery/ law/ romance dramas that are airing this season. I like the direction and execution of each episode. Seems like this series will follow an episodic format, which I like. I started on this because I wanted to watch Hikaru, but during the first episode, Tsuyoshi's character caught my attention instead. The main character is already 37 but he's training to be an medical intern and he encounters some hardships along the way. His way of handling things is rather... unique. I can't say that I agree with his reckless decisions sometimes but I still cheer for him and hope that things will turn out to be alright.

- Papadoru! (ep 1 ~ 2)
Some people are complaining that this show seems to be like a fanfic written by an amateur. All I can say is that... it's difficult to act as yourself and I give credit to Ryo for trying. I enjoy this drama for the humour and surprises (like the crazy musical at the sushi restaurant in episode 2). This show is strangely intriguing. It makes me wonder if there's any reality within fiction and whether there's any fiction within reality. I wonder how many idols are actually secretly married without the fans knowing? We can only guess.